No MDC Goldenrod Auction in 2014 – MDC Goldenrod

Posted by Colin Rusel to Events, News on September 8, 2014

We wanted to let you all know that we have decided to take a break from our annual auction. There will not be an MDC Goldenrod Benefit Auction this year. We are aware that this is a big change from the auction tradition over the last 15 years.

This is not a decision that was made lightly. Stemming from our desire to be the best stewards we can of staff time and agency funds, we have evaluated the effectiveness of the auction as a fund raiser. The following are a few key findings that helped us arrive at our decision:

Over the last number of years auction income has declined.  Over the last 3 years, we have cut auction expenses by nearly 50%, however still did not realize an increase in proceeds.

  • Ideally for a benefit auction, it is hoped that the items sold would bring a minimum of the item’s value. Many donors have expressed frustration that items donated have sold for considerably less than their value.
  • In order to control expenses for the agency, we recognized that 100% of at least one staff person’s time for a significant part of the year was being consumed by auction needs. This understanding and other development needs that were not being met during this time weighed heavily on our determination of best practices for the development role of MDC Goldenrod staff.
  • We have experienced difficulty in finding members to sit on our Auction Committee. While the long time members of this committee have been fantastic, it has been very difficult to find people to replace them when they are ready to step down.
  • All of these realities have led us to our current decision to take a break from the auction and seriously look at the auction and other development options. We are open to the idea of holding an auction in the future which takes the above items into consideration as a new model is developed.

We apologize if this information did not reach you before the traditional annual auction dates (end of August/early September). We are aware that groups from churches and/or individuals may have already been working on quilts and comforters for the auction. We are appreciative of the many hours and dedication this provides to the MDC Goldenrod community. Because of this time and dedication, we are announcing our alternative Covered in Care project for 2014. Currently, we provide services to approximately 70 individuals with disabilities. Often members of the MDC Goldenrod community don’t have the income or funds available to purchase new quilts or comforters. This year at Christmas time we would like to gift each MDC Goldenrod community member with a quilt or comforter. While this is a very different kind of support, it is still very important support. It is the giving of a gift to MDC Goldenrod community members: a sign that they are cared about and valued. This is powerful, especially to individuals with disabilities who may not always experience that care and value in our larger society. If individuals and/or groups from your congregation would be willing to participate in this effort, quilts and comforters may be dropped off at the MDC Goldenrod office any time up through the start of December. We are also willing to pick up quilts from your church if you prefer.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact Colin Rusel, 574-202-7397 or [email protected] . Thank you for your ongoing support of the MDC Goldenrod community members!