History 1996-2010 – MDC Goldenrod

In 1996 several acres of land one mile east of Middlebury were donated to MDC with the intent that residential services begin there, with part of the population served being autistic.  The initial plans for Goldenrod Community began.  In 1997 a task force was organized and committees formed.  The first duplex was built in 1999.  A timber frame barn was constructed by volunteers in 2000, and the second duplex was built in 2001.  Goldenrod Gardens, a greenhouse connected to the Goldenrod Community Barn was opened in 2002.

In 2002 MDC began to cut back on some of its programming, largely because of financial problems.  The Mennoheim guest house at 1518 College Ave. was closed and the administrative offices were moved to one side of that location.  The other side of 1518 was leased to the Young Adult Program, a program run through local school corporations to teach living skills to young adults with a developmental disability.  The next year Goldenrod Community was scaled back and served a smaller number of people.  Rather than being the direct caregiver at Goldenrod Community MDC chose to serve as landlord to adults with a disability with other organizations providing the caregiving.

In 2003 the board of directors changed the name of MDC to MDC Goldenrod.  The reason was because MDC served many people outside of the Mennonite Church, and because the title of “committee” did not adequately describe the work of the ministry.

In 2004 Orv Yoder served as interim director of MDC Goldenrod.  He was replaced in July of 2004 by David Heusinkveld.

In 2005 a new Mennoheim guest house was opened at the first house in Goldenrod community in Middlebury.  That same year new residents moved into the second house.

In 2006 the Merimna Home program was restructured. Caregivers had been compensated as volunteers, and worked an unspecified number of hours.  With the change caregivers are paid an hourly wage and work only a specified number of hours.  The program was reoriented to serve people with a moderate level of disability who do not need continual supervision.

In October of 2007 MDC Goldenrod began a state funded program called Supported Living.   It then became possible to provide much needed support to individuals who have greater physical and/or developmental needs.  These services are provided in the individual’s home or in one of MDC Goldenrod’s homes.

In October of 2010 David Heusinkveld resigned as Executive Director to move to Kalona, Iowa.  Orville Yoder replaced David and will serve as the Interim Executive Director until a full-time Executive Director can be found.