History 1990-1995 – MDC Goldenrod

In 1990 an additional home at 1510 College Ave. was obtained.  In 1991 a property was opened at 1610 College Ave. after the financial contribution of a single donor. This house was named Omega House. That same year the administrative offices were moved from Silverwood Mennonite Church to the back of the 1510 property, and the front of the house was opened for new residents.  In 1999, the 1510 property was named Kauffman House after Frank Kauffman, a strong supporter of MDC who retired that year as maintenance manager.

Leroy Mast replaced Darrel Hostetler as administrator in 1992.  The next year Leroy Willems began as MDC administrator, a position which he held until December 2003.

In 1994 MDC entered a partnership with Dan Steiner to operate a house on 12th St. in Goshen to serve persons with autism.  That year MDC also partnered with Yellow Creek Mennonite Church to provide caregivers for an elderly member of that congregation.  This Yellow Creek House was closed in 1996 when this elderly person died.

In 1995 the Mennoheim guest house expanded services to assist persons in crisis.  This was done in partnership with Oaklawn, ADEC, and Goshen public schools. That same year the basement of the Mennoheim house at 1518 College Ave. was remodeled to provide additional bedroom space and a community gathering area.  That same year the Wildwood House at 1729 Wildwood Court in Goshen was opened.

The Vita House, located at 1725 S. 12th St., was opened in 1995.  This was a partnership with Goshen College where a disabled adult would share college housing with up to three college students.  The resident would participate in college activities and the students served as caregivers.  Vita House was meant for men.  In 2001 a similar house for women, Valesco House, was opened.  In 2004 both houses were closed because they were not able to be sustained financially.