Changes that Help Strengthen Community – MDC Goldenrod

Posted by MDCgoldenrod to News on February 12, 2013

Mission MDC Goldenrod

Have you noticed the changes?  MDC Goldenrod is still providing quality services to people of all abilities but we are also working to that we may be more recognizable.

We have a new webpage.  What do you think of it?

We have a new logo.  Do you like it?  I would like to thank everyone that helped in the design and redesign of the logo.  We hope this will help you recognize MDC Goldenrod.

Guess what is also new?  We have a new mission and vision statement.    What we do is not new but we want to make sure everyone knows what we do and who we support.  We just tweaked what we had so that everyone can spread the ministry!  Ready… set…. Here we go..

Our new mission is: MDC Goldenrod creates community for people of all abilities.

Please say that three times to create a memory and tell ten people about MDC Goldenrod.

Our new vision is: Guided by our Christian faith and supported by individuals, families, congregations and businesses we strive to make MDC Goldenrod community members’ dreams and goals a reality.  We do this though advocating, educating and empowering.

Do you see it?  Help us achieve it!