MDC Goldenrod is a state approved Medicaid Waiver provider. MDC Goldenrod provides a variety of services allotted by the Medicaid Waiver such as Residential Habilitation, Community Integration and Habilitation and Respite Care. Well-trained Direct Support Professionals deliver the services as provided on each individual’s waiver. All services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual and their family.


Residential Habilitation can be provided in the family home, the individual’s home or a home operated by MDC Goldenrod. Supported living services may be 24 hours a day /seven days a week or just a few hours per week depending on individual needs and abilities.

The purpose of Residential Habilitation services is to provide meaningful daily activities while enhancing the daily living skills of each person served. MDC Goldenrod works closely with a team of service professionals to ensure all needs such as medical, recreational, spiritual and independent living skills are met.


Community Habilitation can be provided one-on-one or in a group setting. Community Habilitation occurs in the community. The purpose of Community Habilitation is to learn, develop, and enhance community-based skills. This is done through meaningful activities in the community based on individual preference. This can include volunteer activities, learning opportunities or other opportunities to increase community-based skills.

Respite Care

MDC Goldenrod provides families and guardians who have a relative or loved one who needs continual care, with a respite – or break – from caregiving duties. Respite care is provided in the family home or an MDC Goldenrod setting as well. Respite is designed to give the primary caregiver a break. Respite occurs based on the needs of the family. Respite can occur when, where and how the family wishes. MDC Goldenrod has an apartment located at our Middlebury Campus for Respite services.

Project Promise

Project Promise is a program to meet the spiritual and social needs of adults with disabilities. Project Promise meets two times a month for worship and craft activities. In addition to the worship and craft activities, Project Promise hosts an annual Easter play, retreat, picnic, chicken BBQ and various other activities throughout the year. Project Promise is little to no cost to the participants for most activities. Volunteers are responsible for the success of Project Promise with the guidance of a committee and one part-time employee. Project Promise is blessed with generous community and congregational support.